$375-$625 National Online Study About Luxury Cars & SUVs, Starts 6/7

  • [members only content] has been providing a large array of market research services to world-class brands since 1998.
  • They are looking for men and women to participate in a two part online research study about luxury SUVs and cars, which will pay $375 for part 1 and $250 for part two.
  • Everyone will participate in part one and a select few will be selected for part two.
  • The first phase will be an online journaling project. The online journaling phase requires you to make online entries for 7 consecutive days (spending up to 20 minutes on it each day) at a time of day that is convenient for you. It will be important that you complete your assignments daily so you don’t fall behind.
  • The online journaling phase on begins on Monday, June 7th, and they are paying $375 to all participants who complete all 7 days of the online journal.
  • After the online journaling project is complete, part two will consist of a few people selected from part one to participate in a follow-up, one-on-one interview that will be conducted online using your computer’s web camera (like Zoom).
  • If selected, you will receive an additional $250 for that portion. You must be available for both phases in order to participate in the study.
  • A recruiter will call you with some follow-up questions if it appears that they can place you in the study.
  • ✅ Take their screener here to apply: [members only content]