Bay Area Focus Groups is a private, members-only job board for focus groups, taste tests (food testing), playtests (video game testing) and other high-paying market research studies. Being a Member means having a team of people finding new studies for you all day, every day.

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Our small but dedicated staff works 12+ hours daily to bring you hundreds of focus groups and other studies on a monthly basis.

Each study is hand-screened for legitimacy and posted immediately so you can apply ahead of the pack, before studies fill.

Thanks to technology, more and more studies are being held 100% remotely using message boards and free chat programs like Skype and Zoom:

That means no more geographic restrictions… You can literally be at home anywhere participating in remote studies being held by research firms nationwide.

90% of all studies are being held online or over the phone, and are open to people living anywhere in the United States.
In-person focus groups, taste tests, etc. are held in over a dozen focus group and product testing facilities located throughout the S.F. Bay Area and surrounding cities.

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