Bay Area Focus Groups is a private, members-only job board for focus groups, taste tests (food testing), playtests (video game testing) and other high-paying market research studies. Being a Member means having a team of people finding new studies for you all day, every day.

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Our small but dedicated staff collectively works 12+ hours per day 7 days a week to bring you hundreds of focus groups and other studies on a monthly basis.

Each study is hand-screened for legitimacy and posted immediately so you can apply ahead of the pack, before studies fill.

Thanks to technology, more and more studies are being held 100% remotely using message boards and free chat programs like Skype and Zoom:

That means no more geographic restrictions… You can literally be at home anywhere in the country participating in studies being held by research firms nationwide.

90% of all studies are being held online or over the phone, and are open to people living anywhere in the United States.
The remaining 10% of all studies are in-person focus groups, food taste tests, etc. which are held in focus group and product testing facilities located throughout the Bay Area, as well as many other markets where we have subscribers.
In other words you do NOT have to live in the Bay Area!

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