$30/hr In-Person Study About Augmented Reality (Bay Area)

  • Stanford University startup is currently seeking 100 individuals of diverse backgrounds in the Bay Area to participate in a test session of new consumer technology, specifically interaction in augmented reality and virtual environments.
  • The researchers have stated that participants must be free of neurological disorders (stroke, epilepsy, etc.) that could pose risks when using virtual and augmented reality.
  • This will be a fun, in-person study taking place in Palo Alto, CA that pays $30 per hour.
  • The exact time commitment is undisclosed but it’s likely to be 60 minutes.
  • Various time slots are available throughout September, 2023.
  • As of today, 8/23, the research firm has stated that they need 100 people for this study.
  • ✅ Sign up and select a convenient time to participate here: [members only content]