$160 Online Study + Shopping Mission For MALES in Washington State

  • Have you ever tossed an empty bottle or gum wrapper into the trash and missed, but not picked it up? Or maybe you were driving and had some trash in your car that you tossed out the window?
  • [members only content] is a unique global research firm representing many of the world’s most prestigious brands.
  • They want to hear about these moments in time, where maybe you ended up littering. Whether it was because the trash bin was full, or you weren’t going to be near a trash bin anytime soon – they want to learn more about your perspective on the matter.
  • This study is open to males ages 18-44 living in Washington State.
  • This study will consist of 2 parts:
    — The first part will be a quick trip to the store to pick up one item. You’ll receive $10 to cover the cost of the item.
    — Following this, you’ll be scheduled for a 1-hour Zoom focus group.
  • As a thank you for your time and full participation you’ll receive $150 + $10 for the item you will purchase.
  • ✅ Take their screener here to apply: [members only content]